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Week nine, a busy week

A quick update. This week we saw Alice’s doctor and her homeopath.

We thought we should check in at the doctors to at least let them know that we have stopped using the steroid creams.
We also decided she should see a dermatologist as she hasn’t seen one yet. Homeopathy hasn’t helped yet and we feel we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket and we should have a skin specialist see her as it definitely is no longer just mild eczema.

The doctor we saw was really nice and supportive. She was quite sympathetic to my concerns when I explained my fears of immune system suppression, steroid addiction and other adverse effects of steroids. She didn’t lecture us or try to persuade us to use them and even seemed to agree when I spoke about my worry at the jumps in steroid potency and using hydrocortisone on her face. She has referred us to a dermatologist, and she called us back on her day off yesterday to let us know that one was available next Saturday. She will try and get Alice booked in.

Yesterday, it was back to see Elaine, Alice’s homeopath. She conceded that the psorinium remedy has not worked.
Alice’s neck and face were flared at full glory so she has now seen it near to it’s worst condition. She had hoped that the psorinium would tackle the hereditary aspects of Alice’s eczema but feels now it is time to switch and try to zone in on a remedy that is right for Alice, the individual. So we had a lengthy discussion – well, more a disjointed conversation due to the presence of a 3 year old continually pleading for a snack (why hadn’t I come more prepared?) – on Alice’s symptoms, her personal traits, her likes, dislikes, everything that I could think of to describe her.

So back to the beginning really with homeopathy, but we will stick at it for the time being.
In the meantime we are just about managing to get by using her moisturisers and the Pure Potions and Bria Organics balm with the occasional dab of antiseptic cream. Incidently, the Pure Potions Skin Salvation does seem to be agreeing with her. I’ve been putting Pure Potions on one side of her body and Bria Balm on the other and on her eyelids. I think the Pure Potions has the slight edge. I will look into getting shea butter and coconut oil next I think.
We also received the mitten sleeve sleep top I ordered for Alice and she wore it to bed the other night. The novelty has worn off already though so I’ll try to get her to wear it again in a few days. The Homeopathy Handbook I ordered has still not arrived.
I have a 3 day week end so my wee buddy and I are off to visit friends in Glasgow and Edinburgh while John works the weekend. Have a lovely weekend!

Alice’s skin: Neck and face flared. Her eyelids have improved but it seems to have moved down her cheeks which are quite pimpley. Neck is red, all the way round as usual. Has a broken, now scabby patch at her hairline at back of neck. Inner elbows, and wrists, backs of knees. Tonight, it seems to be mildly better. There may be a pattern forming of a few days reprieve followed by week or two of full on flare-up.


Treatment begins

Alice’s remedy arrived in the post yesterday. Just 2 little tablets of Psor 200c. An online search made me cringe on reading that it is cultured from scabies.

Peter Morrell’s article (http://www.homeoint.org/morrell/articles/pm_psori.htm) made for interesting reading. Alice does display some of the characteristics/symptoms;  eczema (obviously!), she’s had chicken pox, several bouts of conjunctivitis, disturbed sleep, very cold hands). There is family history in others; skin complaints, asthma, allergies. Fortunately, she does not suffer from some of the others; offensive diarrhoea, excessive sweatiness, depression, a dirty, dingy appearance!

It’s a slow acting remedy. In 9 days or so we might see some reaction. I’ve read this may be in the form of some very nasty skin eruptions (and my homeopath referred to it as a nice little remedy?)

Alice has done fine for two days without her steroid ointment. Maybe that’s because the recent doses of the higher potencies got things under control.  Her eyes and wrist are much better. Her back and behind her knees have been bothering her a little bit, but I don’t think any more than usual and she has not been scratching too much.

According to Elaine, her homeopath, the eczema is Alice’s body attempting to expel something harmful and it surfaces on the skin. The use of cortisone cream does the opposite by suppressing the condition under the skin.  To me this seems to ring true as I have watched the eczema move around Alice’s body. There have been numerous occasions that I think it is just getting under control with her ointment, only for it to outbreak in a completely new area of her body a day or two later. Elaine said that if we continue to suppress it with steroid ointments there is a very good chance that the eczema might improve, but a few years down the line other conditions such as asthma or food allergies might develop. (Alice’s Dad has asthma, eczema and anaphylaxis).

Maybe there is a chance that with her early treatment with homeopathy Alice will be eczema free before too long. Time will tell.