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Week nine, a busy week

A quick update. This week we saw Alice’s doctor and her homeopath.

We thought we should check in at the doctors to at least let them know that we have stopped using the steroid creams.
We also decided she should see a dermatologist as she hasn’t seen one yet. Homeopathy hasn’t helped yet and we feel we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket and we should have a skin specialist see her as it definitely is no longer just mild eczema.

The doctor we saw was really nice and supportive. She was quite sympathetic to my concerns when I explained my fears of immune system suppression, steroid addiction and other adverse effects of steroids. She didn’t lecture us or try to persuade us to use them and even seemed to agree when I spoke about my worry at the jumps in steroid potency and using hydrocortisone on her face. She has referred us to a dermatologist, and she called us back on her day off yesterday to let us know that one was available next Saturday. She will try and get Alice booked in.

Yesterday, it was back to see Elaine, Alice’s homeopath. She conceded that the psorinium remedy has not worked.
Alice’s neck and face were flared at full glory so she has now seen it near to it’s worst condition. She had hoped that the psorinium would tackle the hereditary aspects of Alice’s eczema but feels now it is time to switch and try to zone in on a remedy that is right for Alice, the individual. So we had a lengthy discussion – well, more a disjointed conversation due to the presence of a 3 year old continually pleading for a snack (why hadn’t I come more prepared?) – on Alice’s symptoms, her personal traits, her likes, dislikes, everything that I could think of to describe her.

So back to the beginning really with homeopathy, but we will stick at it for the time being.
In the meantime we are just about managing to get by using her moisturisers and the Pure Potions and Bria Organics balm with the occasional dab of antiseptic cream. Incidently, the Pure Potions Skin Salvation does seem to be agreeing with her. I’ve been putting Pure Potions on one side of her body and Bria Balm on the other and on her eyelids. I think the Pure Potions has the slight edge. I will look into getting shea butter and coconut oil next I think.
We also received the mitten sleeve sleep top I ordered for Alice and she wore it to bed the other night. The novelty has worn off already though so I’ll try to get her to wear it again in a few days. The Homeopathy Handbook I ordered has still not arrived.
I have a 3 day week end so my wee buddy and I are off to visit friends in Glasgow and Edinburgh while John works the weekend. Have a lovely weekend!

Alice’s skin: Neck and face flared. Her eyelids have improved but it seems to have moved down her cheeks which are quite pimpley. Neck is red, all the way round as usual. Has a broken, now scabby patch at her hairline at back of neck. Inner elbows, and wrists, backs of knees. Tonight, it seems to be mildly better. There may be a pattern forming of a few days reprieve followed by week or two of full on flare-up.


Renewed optimism

It has been under 4 weeks since we my first visit to see a homeopath about my 3 year old daughter Alice’s eczema.  At her request we have not used topical steroid ointments since that appointment. She also asked us to refrain from using paraffin based emollients which do not allow the skin to breathe.  The first step in the healing is to let Alice’s body work naturally by not suppressing the eczema with these treatments.  We continue to use her Aveeno Lotion and I have sourced some natural creams such as an aloe vera gel,  an organic beeswax based balm and most recently 7 cream. Elaine also prescribed 2 small pills of the remedy psor which Alice took 3 weeks ago.

We had a homeopathy review today.  It was a shorter session of information gathering this time. I updated her on week one’s flare up,  the few days of reprieve when Alice’s skin improved dramatically, before the next nasty flare up which occurred around the time that a reaction to the remedy was expected (but also coincided with a big freeze outside).  Alice chattered incessantly in the background, interrupted continually (“What are you talking abut Mummy?” , throwing her arms in the air in exasperation), so it was a little hard to stay focussed, but I think Elaine was using the time to observe her (big) little personality and at the end of the meeting said that she was going to prescribe another remedy. She said the first remedy was dealing with the inherited conditions and aided in removing the suppression of her eczema … or something along those lines. She said it was good to have a look at the true condition of Alice’s skin now that the steroids are not used.

So, we will have another review in a month.  It does seem to be a bit of trial and error  but then so is conventional medicine. I do feel reassured by Elaine’s quiet confidence and if I am going to continue down this route I have to trust her judgement. At the very least today did remind me that Alice is coping fairly well without the steroid ointment and that is a massive achievement in itself.

Since I started this blog,  I’ve been reading  other bloggers’ accounts of topical steroid withdrawal and after some initial shock at the harrowing symptoms of steroid withdrawal following addiction, I’m in complete awe of their strength of mind and determination to become healed. This reinforces to me that I am doing the right thing by Alice by stopping the use of these medications before her body has become addicted or suffers any other side effects. 

I don’t know whether homeopathy will be the solution to achieving eczema free skin for Alice but I believe we are on the right track.

The waiting game

It’s been 1 week since my 3 hear old daughter Alice took her two doses of a homeopathic remedy that will hopefully bring her eczema under control. The psor remedy is slow acting but I hope to see signs in the next week that Alice’s system is reacting.

I don’t know much at all about homeopathy. My sister is the homeopathic champion in my family and trusts her practitioner implicitly, relying on her advise and remedies for nearly all the medical needs of her growing young family from lingering coughs, to tummy upsets as well as her husband’s hayfever and her own sporadic bouts of dry skin. She turned to homeopathy some years ago when medical investigations into the intermittent but crippling stomach cramps she suffered drew a blank. So, it is my sister who convinced me to give this  a go and I know she is as hopeful as us that it results in the outcome we want for Alice.

My homeopath Elaine recommended that I get a book on homeopathy. She said it would help me understand the treatment she was prescribing for Alice and her asking us to withdraw the steroid ointments during it. I haven’t actually got around to getting it yet. Instead, I seem to be spending alot of time researching alternative to steroid treatments for eczema.  It has been 10 days or so since we last treated Alice with her steroid ointments so I’ve been determined to find something to ease the irritation during this ‘transitional phase’.

Bria Organic Balm has been quite a godsend. It has lovely natural ingredients, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, chickweed, beeswax wax etc and it definitely has helped subside the angry flare up Alice has suffered this week. She still has several nasty patches that we’ll really need to keep in check, but her skin overall is much better and her gorgeous eyes are back to their shining beautiful selves, no longer red, dry and sore looking. I’d highly recommend any dry skin sufferers to give Bria balm a try. There was momentary panic in our household today when we mislaid the jar!

This week, I look forward with some trepidation to a sign that the remedy is acting. I have read a really unsettling description of it causing appalling skin eruptions, often on the face, that can last for weeks.  I just really hope that whatever happens in the next few weeks, it will all be worth it for my baby girl.