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A new remedy for Alice

A new remedy for Alice arrived in the post yesterday. At our second Homeopathy review meeting last week, Elaine confirmed that the previous remedy Psorinium had not helped Alice’s eczema. That remedy was chosen as it is effective for hereditary forms of eczema. She now thinks it is time to try another remedy that is matched with Alice’s personality and symptoms. The new remedy is Lachesis and she is to take one 30c tablet daily for 5 days. Then we wait for a week and if there is improvement we take one 200c tablet. It would freak my husband out if I told him that it was derived from snake venom (I know he is not religiously reading my posts!). Aside from that snippet, I don’t think I will get too bogged down this time in researching the remedy to analyse whether I agree that it matches Alice’s personality traits. I’m just relieved that if it is going to work we should see an improvement in the next couple of weeks.

Alice and I were away visiting friends over the weekend and the eczema on her face was a little better which was great. Before we stopped using the steroids, I felt that I was chasing the eczema around her body with the ointment. Now after 9 weeks of no steroid ointments, I am realising that it does just move around. All around her eyes and eyelids were bad a few weeks ago, last week it moved down to her cheeks. Some areas such as her neck seem to be continuously flared, while behind her knees fade slightly then and then come back with a vengeance. Even though her neck is quite bad just now, it is lovely to see her shining eyes again and it means her eczema isn’t so immediately obvious when we meet up with people. I had been wondering if there was a pattern forming whereby her skin improved when she was at home with us at the weekend and worsened again during the week when she is in childcare. But I did notice this weekend that skin was more irritated on Monday when she was with me and it looked a bit better when I picked her up from nursery on Tuesday, which was a pleasant surprise.

This weekend we have our first appointment with a dermatologist. I’m not sure what to expect (apart from a reprimand for not applying the steroid creams). We want some allergy testing to be scheduled but hopefully he can also provide some additional insight into her skin condition and will offer some useful advise to help us manage it.

Skin today: Face and neck appear to be slightly better than they have, of late but both became really flared before bed. Alice had no nap today and was going into meltdown by bedtime. Other areas; wrists elbow and knee creases more irritated that usual.


Seven weeks in

At the end of a tough week I finally emailed my daughter’s homeopath last Friday morning for some advice.
Alice’s skin was just getting worse. Her right wrist was weeping from her overnight scratching and her neck was also red raw. I was worried that her skin might become infected and wanted some advice in general.
I was also wondering if the antiseptic cream I had was ok to use (she had recommended that I avoid products that were paraffin or zinc oxide based and the antiseptic contained both). She said it was fine to use it and also that she would send another remedy to help the itching to settle.

The remedy arrived the next day but by then Alice’s skin had already shown signs of improvement. That is what is so confusing about this whole “journey”. I try to make sense of her flare-ups: has she been eating more sugary foods? Is it the weather? Is it the remedy reacting or is it as I’ve started consider, topical steroid withdrawal, which I hadn’t heard of until I started reading other blogs.

I’ve realised that there is just no rhyme nor reason to the condition of Alice’s skin and there might not be an answer out there. I just hope that some day I will read back on these posts when her skin has healed.

In the meantime…. The new remedy was sepia. 4 small pills, one a day for 4 days which began on Saturday.
Her skin was already improving before then, and really looked much better by the time I dropped her off to nursery on Monday morning. (Could the psorinium remedy be working at last?) By 5pm when I picked her up it was back to same old: red panda eyes and angry red neck. It has worsened through the week and we gave her Piriton last night in the hope that she would have a peaceful night.

The continual discussing of her skin condition during nursery handover is beginning to grate. I did try to steer away from the topic yesterday as I don’t want Alice to get a complex about it, but another member of staff today commented that it broke her heart seeing her itching her neck. (Her neck does look pretty bad right now). I know they mean well and the staff members who discuss it with me have eczema or similar themselves (Thought flashes, could it be the nursery?!!)

I’m going to try and stick with homeopathy for a bit longer but we feel that we are not managing to get her skin under control in the meantime. John feels very strongly that we need to take action. He is going to ask her GP for a referral to a skin specialist or a recommendation so we can go private. (The wait can be long for a referral).

I’ve ordered a new cream tonight, Pure Potions Skin Salvation as recommended by a fellow blogger and some more of our old reliable (but appears to have lost it’s magical effect) Bria Organic Balm.
I also decided to try John’s Vaseline Intensive Care moisturiser instead of Aveeno for a day or two.
I’ve also ordered The Complete Homeopathy Handbook so I can read up a bit. That was well over a week ago, so that’s what I get for boycotting the well known tax avoiding online retailer in favour of a reputable British bookseller!!

For my notes: Sepia taken Sat – Tue daily. Skin was slightly improved Saturday, Sunday, but went downhill again Monday evening and bad since. Using antiseptic on broken skin. Worst areas, right wrist, all around neck, eyelid and around eyes. Light patches on face (jawline, forehead) have developed in last week or so. Skin broken neck and wrist, applying antiseptic, Piriton Wednesday night before bed. She’s also getting a bit of a cold since Tuesday/Wednesday. Calpol this morning for cold. Went to sleep easily tonight.

Up and down

Last night I really wanted to throw in the towel with this whole homeopathy thing. Alice’s skin was hot, red, broken and was really bothering her. She has several problem areas of eczema which have not shown any sign of improvement and all around her neck has been bad for about month and was itching her like crazy last night. She asks me to stay with her to rub her neck and back as she tries to fall asleep at bedtime.

It is so hard to see her go through this discomfort and I feel guilty for not using the steroid ointments that her doctor has prescribed. Alice is 3 and has only had eczema since last Summer.  I now keep thinking that maybe her eczema is something that she will grow out of like so many children do and we shouldn’t deny her relief from it in the meantime. The owner of Alice’s pre-school nursery commented last week that her remedy didn’t seem to be helping any. I had mentioned to her and some of the staff that we were trying homeopathy and let them know that her skin might be worse for a while. It crossed my mind that they might think I am neglecting her by not using her ointments on her wrist. I mumbled something in response saying I didn’t think it was going to be a quick fix…

I try to remind myself of why we are doing this. In the 6 months since we first saw her doctor about her skin we were applying steroid ointments daily and the eczema just seemed to move around her body. Some areas such as her right wrist never healed completely and we were moving on to more potent steroid ointments. The eczema then flared around her eyes and her doctor advised we put the mild cortisone on her eyelids for a short term to try to nip that in the bud. It just did not seem to be getting under control.

Alice’s Dad has been using topical steroids since he was a little boy and he now has thinning of the skin. So it’s in the family and as I don’t know that she will grow out of it, I really feel that I have to try and resolve the underlying cause rather than continually treat the symptoms with steroids. I need to give homeopathy some more time.

We have just returned today from a trip to visit my family in Ireland so it was nice to have my sister around for some words of advice when I was feeling a bit low last night.  Her hubbie recounted how a homepathic remedy worked for his hay fever last year. While taking the remedy he continued to suffer badly from hay fever but eventually their homeopath told him it was time to come off the remedy and he hasn’t suffered a day of hay fever since.

Today, Alice’s skin is a lot calmer than yesterday and even looks like it is healing a bit. She went off to sleep tonight without any fretting. It really is up and down at the moment.
I think it is time to contact Alice’s homeopath for some advise.

Final note: This latest bad flare-up has occurred 9/10 days after taking her last remedy. I think that is around the time that it takes for the system to react to the psor remedy.  It also happened during our short holiday so after a day of travelling – with a flight and car journey and several days of a more sugary that usual diet for Alice, and Easter treats! The weather has been very cold but is milder again today.

Month two

Following Alice’s review with her homeopath on Monday, we received the remedy in the post on Wednesday. Elaine has decided to repeat the first remedy and enclosed two more tablets of psor. She thinks Alice is holding her own quite nicely without the steroids and that a repeat of the remedy may bring further improvement. Alice took the two doses yesterday.

Last night she was troubled the most by her skin since we stopped applying steroid ointments one month ago. Although a reaction is expected to the remedy, I don’t think it is expected so soon. She has a bit of a cold and cough and it is bitterly cold out at the moment so I think these might be the main contributors to the decline in her skin condition. I have been experimenting with different natural creams and I think she was doing better with Bria Organic Balm.  I bought it online and the jar is now finished and I’ve been trying out Seven Cream for now while waiting on more Bria to arrive.  Seven Cream and her usual Aveeno cream seem to be causing irritation after application in the evening these past few days.

At the moment, her right wrist is not good, her eyelids and below her eyes are red, dry and sore looking. All the way around her neck is very red and dry. Her neck is a new area, flaring  for the first time in the last week or two. Her back doesn’t look too bad, but is bothering her. Last night I ended up taking her into bed with me as she kept waking up scratching.  Until now her sleep hadn’t really been disrupted.

So that’s just an update on her current skin condition that I will hopefully look back on in a months time and be relieved as we have gotten through it and she will be in a healing phase.  Please let the Bria Balm arrive tomorrow!

Treatment begins

Alice’s remedy arrived in the post yesterday. Just 2 little tablets of Psor 200c. An online search made me cringe on reading that it is cultured from scabies.

Peter Morrell’s article (http://www.homeoint.org/morrell/articles/pm_psori.htm) made for interesting reading. Alice does display some of the characteristics/symptoms;  eczema (obviously!), she’s had chicken pox, several bouts of conjunctivitis, disturbed sleep, very cold hands). There is family history in others; skin complaints, asthma, allergies. Fortunately, she does not suffer from some of the others; offensive diarrhoea, excessive sweatiness, depression, a dirty, dingy appearance!

It’s a slow acting remedy. In 9 days or so we might see some reaction. I’ve read this may be in the form of some very nasty skin eruptions (and my homeopath referred to it as a nice little remedy?)

Alice has done fine for two days without her steroid ointment. Maybe that’s because the recent doses of the higher potencies got things under control.  Her eyes and wrist are much better. Her back and behind her knees have been bothering her a little bit, but I don’t think any more than usual and she has not been scratching too much.

According to Elaine, her homeopath, the eczema is Alice’s body attempting to expel something harmful and it surfaces on the skin. The use of cortisone cream does the opposite by suppressing the condition under the skin.  To me this seems to ring true as I have watched the eczema move around Alice’s body. There have been numerous occasions that I think it is just getting under control with her ointment, only for it to outbreak in a completely new area of her body a day or two later. Elaine said that if we continue to suppress it with steroid ointments there is a very good chance that the eczema might improve, but a few years down the line other conditions such as asthma or food allergies might develop. (Alice’s Dad has asthma, eczema and anaphylaxis).

Maybe there is a chance that with her early treatment with homeopathy Alice will be eczema free before too long. Time will tell.