I’m Catherine and I am a working Mum to Alice, age 3.  After deciding to embark on homeopathic treatment for Alice’s eczema, I’ve created this blog to keep track of our ‘journey’ which hopefully leads to her full recovery in the not to distant future.


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  1. Gayle davies

    Hi Catherine,

    My daughter had eczema almost as soon as we got to the UK from Aus (when she was about 2.5 months old). It got pretty bad & I know how frustrating it is to find your way through this & find a solution. It took about 10 months or so for us.

    We did the dairy free thing, steroids, dermatologists, doctors, allergy testing, bria (which worked wonders but didn’t cure it) & ‘SLS free home’ route. I don’t know if the SLS free home worked as it coincided with a trip to India (when she was close to a year old). But after 10 days in India, we got back to the UK & had an eczema free child!!! It continued to be that way until recently (a few weeks ago. Chloe is 22 months now). She’s got some eczema on the back of her knees, but bria’s on it & it’s calmed it. It’s nowhere near the severity it was when she was a baby though. Hoping that it wouldn’t get any worse.

    Hope you conquer this terrible thing. It made me severely depressed & I know how terrible it is for the whole family. Feel free to ask me any questions (if you have any).


    1. goingnaturalmum Post author

      Hi Gayle, thank you so much for your lovely comment and apologies for not replying sooner. We eventually had to go back to regular steroid use as my daughter’s eczema continued to worsen and the aim of the blog became blurred!! She contracted a staph infection and her eczema spread all over body but eventually her NHS dermatology appointment came through (almost 5 months after being referred) and finally we got it under control. I plan to post soon just with a catch-up with where we are. Tjhere are some really good Facebook Support groups out there and I found these a Godsend as it is so good to talk to parents who understand what we and our eczema kids go through. Delighted to read that your daughter is doing well, I suspect going SLS free helped alot. Such a relief when we managed to get in top of it! Thanks again, Catherine x


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