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Healing or not?

I haven’t posted since Alice started the Lachesis remedy a few weeks ago and as always the time has passed with healing peaks and troughs.
Before she started the 5 day course of the remedy her skin was already showing signs of slight improvement and it continued to heal over the rest of the week. The rash on her face and eyes had already been dying down and almost completely disappeared. Her neck also was getting better, it still had the rash all the way round but it was much paler and not as itchy. The other scaly dry areas, on her wrists, elbow creases and behind her knees were also calming. We were elated! Only days before her neck had start to crust and weep in areas so this was a dramatic turnaround.

On day 5 of the remedy we had a (first) appointment with a dermatologist. When the appointment has been made just over a week earlier Alice’s skin was probably at it’s worst having spread all over her face. At the appointment it was looking the best it had since we had stopped using steroids in February. I won’t go into too much detail about the appointment. He was very accepting of our wish to continue with her homeopathic treatment and avoid steroids and paraffin based moisturisers. He made some suggestions on moisturisers to try and also a steroid alternative called Elidel (I’ve not research it yet). On the other hand he was very dismissive of the natural creams we’re using without even reading the labels. “They contain chemicals, otherwise they wouldn’t work”, he commented. His opinion was that steroid use only becomes an issue when it is over used or used on more than 20% of the body. In a nutshell, using steroids with care would make it easier on Alice and easier on John and me.

Within a week I was nearly ready to reach for the hydrocortisone. Alice’s skin took another dramatic turn and near the end of last week she was sleeping badly and was scratching the night away. I ended up scolding her during the night to get her to take her hands from her neck and I felt awful the next morning. It just wasn’t fair on her. She was the one suffering and I was scolding her for it because I was sleep deprived?

At work on Friday, I emailed Alice’s homeopath. Her instructions had been to wait one week after the 5 day remedy and if there was improvement to then follow that up with one higher 200c dose. Well, there had been great healing but that had already become a distant memory. I wasn’t sure whether or not to give her the higher dose. I filled her in on the week’s progress, the visit to the skin specialist, the downturn in her skin condition and the tough night before. Elaine’s response was just what I needed. She thought the improvement the week before was most likely down to the remedy, but it was a weak dose which couldn’t sustain the improvement. We should definitely give her the higher dose. She provided a few encouraging words on how well we’ve been doing in coping without the steroids but said I should use the hydrocortisone when I really thought it was necessary, but to try not to do this often. It was the boost I needed and I was so relieved at the prospect that the remedy might be working after all.

Since Friday Alice’s skin has been improving. I was getting a tad over excited about it on Saturday – looking at Alice while she napped her neck looked almost a normal colour. I thought it was healing before my eyes! Then she woke up, cranky and irritated and rubbed and scratched her neck all afternoon. Since then though, there has been very slow progress so I do remain optimistic. It isn’t back to being as good as it was at the start of the month but it is getting there. Here’s hoping that we are now beginning to get somewhere.

Alice’s skin: Eyes and face good (pretty normal actually!). Neck is much less irritated tonight. Large stubborn patch on inner right wrist is improving but still a large area. Left hand, elbows creases, knees, backs of knees Рno real change. Some days worse that others in these areas.