Up and down

Last night I really wanted to throw in the towel with this whole homeopathy thing. Alice’s skin was hot, red, broken and was really bothering her. She has several problem areas of eczema which have not shown any sign of improvement and all around her neck has been bad for about month and was itching her like crazy last night. She asks me to stay with her to rub her neck and back as she tries to fall asleep at bedtime.

It is so hard to see her go through this discomfort and I feel guilty for not using the steroid ointments that her doctor has prescribed. Alice is 3 and has only had eczema since last Summer.  I now keep thinking that maybe her eczema is something that she will grow out of like so many children do and we shouldn’t deny her relief from it in the meantime. The owner of Alice’s pre-school nursery commented last week that her remedy didn’t seem to be helping any. I had mentioned to her and some of the staff that we were trying homeopathy and let them know that her skin might be worse for a while. It crossed my mind that they might think I am neglecting her by not using her ointments on her wrist. I mumbled something in response saying I didn’t think it was going to be a quick fix…

I try to remind myself of why we are doing this. In the 6 months since we first saw her doctor about her skin we were applying steroid ointments daily and the eczema just seemed to move around her body. Some areas such as her right wrist never healed completely and we were moving on to more potent steroid ointments. The eczema then flared around her eyes and her doctor advised we put the mild cortisone on her eyelids for a short term to try to nip that in the bud. It just did not seem to be getting under control.

Alice’s Dad has been using topical steroids since he was a little boy and he now has thinning of the skin. So it’s in the family and as I don’t know that she will grow out of it, I really feel that I have to try and resolve the underlying cause rather than continually treat the symptoms with steroids. I need to give homeopathy some more time.

We have just returned today from a trip to visit my family in Ireland so it was nice to have my sister around for some words of advice when I was feeling a bit low last night.  Her hubbie recounted how a homepathic remedy worked for his hay fever last year. While taking the remedy he continued to suffer badly from hay fever but eventually their homeopath told him it was time to come off the remedy and he hasn’t suffered a day of hay fever since.

Today, Alice’s skin is a lot calmer than yesterday and even looks like it is healing a bit. She went off to sleep tonight without any fretting. It really is up and down at the moment.
I think it is time to contact Alice’s homeopath for some advise.

Final note: This latest bad flare-up has occurred 9/10 days after taking her last remedy. I think that is around the time that it takes for the system to react to the psor remedy.  It also happened during our short holiday so after a day of travelling – with a flight and car journey and several days of a more sugary that usual diet for Alice, and Easter treats! The weather has been very cold but is milder again today.


6 thoughts on “Up and down

  1. paulinedonegal

    You are doing great and it sounds like you are on a journey yourself along with your daughter. As you said, homeopathy is not a quick-fix but it is a permanent fix so don’t give up too easily. It takes a while to adjust to the way of homeopathy, we see the symptoms as cries from the vital force (chi or immune system) for help, so we don’t suppress these cries for help with steroid creams but use them as guidance to the remedy that the vital force is asking for. In time, that remedy will restore balance and harmony to the entire system thereby restoring health.
    Best wishes on your healing journey.
    Pauline McGuire, ISHom

    1. goingnaturalmum Post author

      Thanks so much for your encouraging comment Pauline and great explanation of what homeopathy aims to achieve. I guess I just feel kind of helpless! I know Alice is coping quite well in general, just the occasional tougher night throws me. Elaine and Sean speak so highly of you so that also spurs me on to see this through. I must get the book that Alice’s homeopath recommended. It should give me a better understanding. Thanks again! C.

  2. homeogardener

    It might help to keep a diary of your daughters symptoms, remedies taken, any outside factors etc. It helps to see patterns such as the time to respond to a remedy, and also so you can look back and see any improvements. I’ve done this, and its amazing to see how much my health has improved over the years.

  3. goingnaturalmum Post author

    Thanks homeogardner! Yes I was trying to do this to some extent in the blog which was why I added the note at the end of the last post. I had asked Alice’s homeopath whether I should keep a diary and she said I didn’t need to – I think she didn’t want me to me obsessing over every symptom change!! Mind you I am probably obsessing over it all in the blog instead! I did find it useful to read over the first month’s posts before going for our first homeopathy review. But perhaps if I just noted the symptoms, remedy dates, other factors etc as you say in a diary it would be easier to see the patterns. They wouldn’t be clouded by my emotional rantings!

  4. Louise

    Hang in there and don’t give up. Itsan.org has a “patients” section on its homepage that explains that those withdrawing can take many months to heal. Little Keira took 10 months but is now completely healed and living a normal life. Steroids are poison and one day your daughter will thank you for not using them on her. X


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